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Ditching Class
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*sigh* Once again I feel all guilty for deciding not to go into school. I'm skipping my Insurance Law class tonight and staying in.

I weighed all of the options. On the down side I won't be able to miss another Insurance Law class for the rest of the semester. I also don't know anyone in the class so I probably can't get the notes. On the up side the Professor teaches straight from the book and therefore if I can understand the material about health and disability insurance in the book I can probably make my own notes. Also, I usually spend the time before class reading for Thursday. But luckily enough BOTH my morning classes tomorrow (Fed State and Remedies) fell behind so I don't have to read for them tomorrow. And I can read for Toxic Torts during my lunch break and for Cyber Law on my break in between classes.

I didn't want to head in to school today for a few reasons. The main one being that it's pouring out and I didn't want to deal with driving in this weather. If it was just on the freeways I'd deal. But driving through a mountain road while there are mud and rock slides just isn't my idea of a good time. Malibu Canyon is currently open, but only one lane is open and navigating that just doesn't sound like something I'm up to today. Plus, I'm currently in a lot of pain and am having a less than stellar time with a "female problem" at the moment. More rain is in the forecast for tomorrow and I'll have to deal with it then, but I just didn't want to deal with it today. I'll go tomorrow though, I have to. I have classes all day tomorrow and as long as that road stays open in the morning and later at night so I don't get stuck on campus for the night I'll be happy.

I hate it when it floods in LA. The rain itself is kind of nice, but this city is not built to handle days of rain. The street outside my window is even flooded right now. It's times like these when I'm glad I have an SUV. I was always so afraid of driving in even the smallest amount of rain when I had my Mustang. That thing would hydroplain on a whim and fish tail if I took it over 30. At least my current car can drive in this weather (as long as the streets aren't flooded). Yay SUVs!



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