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Yesterday (Valentine's Day) was very cool. Rob got the day off of work and we headed to Disneyland. The park was open late (until 10pm) so we slept in a bit and headed out around 11am. Disneyland has a special going on where if you're a resident you get to come back to California Adventure for free. So, we have a free pass to California Adventure now that we need to use before May 14. Anyone interested in heading down there with us some weekend?

The park wasn't as empty as it has been the last few V-days, but then again this time V-day fell on a Friday. We were able to do all the rides we wanted to and we ate dinner at the Blue Bayou. Next year we need to make reservations there for dinner. When we got to the park all the reservation slots were filled up and so we had to wait in line when we wanted to eat. After over two hours of standing in line we were finally able to get in. We headed out soon after the park closed because I was in severe pain. One of the worst things you can do when you have a bad back is to stand in one place. After waiting for seating at the Blue Bayou I could barely stand anymore. I'm still in pain today though not nearly as bad as last night.

Today we just hung out around the house. My body could barely move today and I woke up feeling hung over (even though we had no alcohol yesterday) and Rob was under the weather so we decided to stay home and re-coup. It's a really good thing we did because my body feels as if it's been run over by a steam roller. Besides, we didn't even get out of bed until around 5pm. So, we've been bumming around the house all day and both of us are still exhausted. Wow, when one day at Disneyland wipes us you know we're getting old.

So, yesterday was very fun even though it took its toll on us. Disneyland has pretty much become a V-day tradition for us.

Mmmmm, Rob just brought me a Mountain Dew to perk me up. My head feels like it's stuffed full of cotton. I love you sweetie!

On another note, Nobody sent me a link for Viking Kittens that had Rob and I laughing so hard we nearly peed ourselves. Click on the Viking Kitty link and check it out. Don't worry, it's nothing that will get you in trouble, but it is hilarious. And make sure to have the sound on your computer when you go there!


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