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Very Lazy Weekend
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This weekend was pretty much a whole lot of nothing. Rob and I couldn't muster the energy to do much of anything. It's sad how much Disneyland wiped us - and we're not even 30 yet. Sheesh. You would think we were in our 60's with how tired one day at an amusement park made us.

Saturday night we opened a bottle of wine that we picked up on our jaunt to Solvang last October. We drank wine, watched some TV shows that we recorded because we didn't have the time to watch them last week, and messed around on the PS2.

Sunday was more of the same. We slept in, snuggled a lot, did some things I'm not going to post on here, watched TV, ordered in Chinese food, and had some Bailey's mixed with milk. Looks like when we decide to stay in the alcohol starts flowing. Oh well, we can both use it. Work has been hectic and stressful for Rob recently and trying to do my last semester of law school is no cake walk for me. Plus I have the added stress of trying to find a job. I've been sending out resumes for close to a year now and still haven't gotten a single interview. I think I need to shoot myself soon. Really. And to top it all off we have to pull everything together for our wedding which is now 2 weeks and 5 days away.

People keep asking me how jazzed I am about the wedding. I don't know what to tell them. I am happy about it, but the stress from everything is really bad and takes a lot of that joy away. What am I supposed to say? The wedding has just kind of become something on my "to do" checklist. I'm not hyped over the wedding itself right now, I'm hyped over the fact that once it's over with I'll have a bit more free time. A word of advice to all you would be brides out there - do not plan a wedding at a hectic time in your life. Just don't do it. All of the joy you should be feeling won't be there. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled that I get to spend the rest of my life with Rob. I'm just not thrilled about how much time all of the wedding planning is eating up and how hectic all of this has become. *sigh* Hopefully I'll get some much needed rest and relaxation on our Honeymoon.

Today I've been working my butt off on school stuff. I have a lot of things I need to get done for tomorrow. So, I'm using this as my break once again. Okay, I've spent enough time procrastinating. It's time to go back to work and get some more laundry done.



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