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I'm currently praying that someone will shoot me. Today was not a good day. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great and I'm at the breaking point stress wise.

School itself was rather uneventful today. The drive back home was not. It took me OVER TWO HOURS to get from Pepperdine to my apartment. Half of that was spent stuck on Malibu Canyon. No one was moving. I was stuck. When traffic finally did move I found out that traffic was backed up in both directions because one lane was closed. There was really no reason for this lane closure. No rock slide, no boulder in the road, no road construction, no machines in the road. Nothing. Fuckers. Once I finally made my way to the 101 I found that to be a mess as well. I don't think I went over 25 on my entire way home.

Then I get home to find that Amber had decided to open every cabinet in our apartment. I think she's obsessive-compulsive or something. Every time I close a door or a cabinet she feels the need to open it. She doesn't want anything in it and she doesn't want to climb in it. She just needs it open. Freak cat.

I also come home to find out that the door connecting our bedroom to our bathroom is closed. All of the moisture from Rob's morning shower (he leave the house later than I do) was trapped in there and the room stank. My closet is also in there and all my clothes now smell like mold.

I have an ass ton of reading to get done for class tomorrow and I can feel a headache coming on. I can barely keep my eyes open due to the fact that I only got around 45 minutes of sleep last night. My stress level from everything is sky high right now and I'll be lucky if I don't die of a heart attack soon. I'm serious on that one. I'm majorly stressed out right now (end of law school, getting married soon, wondering if I'll pass the bar, having no job prospects and needing a job desperately) and keep having chest pains. Normally, this would worry me, however I've gotten to the point where I figure at least dying would de-stress me. It's pretty bad when you get to that point. I'm at the breaking point and I want to scream. I want to hit something. I think I'm gonna snap pretty soon. And believe me, you don't want to be around if I do.



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