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Ah, F*ck It
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I just found out today that I might have a midterm tomorrow. The Professor never announced it, but the students are mumbling that there will be a Fed State midterm tomorrow. Apparently it was mentioned the first day of class when I was staring at the screen of my laptop and praying for death. Or at least for the day to be over with. If there is a midterm, it won't be for credit. It's just an "exercise". Whatever the fuck that means. If it's not going to effect my grade why should I bother to crack a book for it? I have enough work to get done for my other classes as it is. I don't want to drop behind in another class or skip sleeping all together tonight for a midterm that might or might not happen and won't count for my grade. So, my choice is to stay up all night and prepare for this midterm or to get some sleep, fail the midterm, and have it mean nothing as far as my grade is concerned. So, fuck it. Why should I care how bad of a grade I get if it's not counting towards anything? Why does the Professor even want to give a midterm if it's not going to count for anything? No one is going to study. This class is made up of mostly third years (who are too apathetic to care about anything) and second years (who are dicking around on the internet during class). What's the point? I choose sleep. And sanity. Screw the midterm.

On another note, my jaw keeps popping out of its socket and it HURTS LIKE FUCK. Makes my ears hurt as well. At least once or twice a day the damn thing pops out and makes a cracking sound. Ow. I open it even a little but and *POP*. Just what I need. Another medical condition. Hopefuly it will go away on it's own because god knows that I don't have the time to go to a doctor for anything.



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