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Tired and Stressed

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I'll try to post as often as possible over the next few weeks, but there's a good chance I might go a few days without posting. We'll see how it goes.

Things are getting down to the wire here and my life is more hectic than ever. What with being at school, doing school work, household day to day chores, and the wedding coming up in less than two weeks (one week and 4 days to be exact) things are going nuts around here. I need a breather - the honeymoon should be nice. Except for the driving part. Blah. I hate driving. I've postponed my hunt for a job (or even an interview) until after the wedding. I just don't have the time to deal with that right now. Besides, it's not as if anything is paying off. I'm working my ass of to find a job and can't even get an interview. So, fuck that, I don't need any additional stress in my life right now.

Yesterday was hectic and boring. It was hectic because I was doing stuff non-stop and didn't have any time to myself. It was boring because the stuff that I was doing sucked (except for the shopping). I spent yesterday doing class work and the laundry (how can two people pile up so many dirty clothes over one week?????). When Rob got home from work we headed out to the mall. He needed to pick up gifts for his groomsmen (for those of you in the wedding party you'll be getting your gifts at the rehersal dinner) and I needed a few things as well. I got some clothes (trousers and nice shirts) because I needed an aspect to my wardrobe that wasn't just either jeans and a t-shirt (my normal day to day staple) or a suit (my interview and work outfit). I also made a stop at Sephora for some wedding make up. I'm not too into the whole make up thing so I'm going easy on it at the wedding. I'm going to skip foundation (I hate the feel of it and I'll be sweating from nerves anyway) and use concealer if I have any problems that day. I'm also going to use an all over shimmery powder on my face and body. On my eyes I'll use white eyeliner (makes eyes stand out, but doesn't look like there's make up there) and some mascara. There's no point in doing eyeshadow or anything like that since I'll have glasses on. And a little bit of lipstick (I found a really cool color yesterday). I'm doing my own make up so I hope it ends up looking half way decent. We'll see.

Well, I had better head off and get my butt to my first class.



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