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A Little Bit Of Happiness
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Today my Toxic Torts class was suppossed to be double its normal length. The Professor will be out of town on Thursday so he wanted to do a double class today to make up for it. We only had 7 of the 10 people there and because we're covering an important topic (causation) he wanted everyone to be there. So, he let us leave. No Toxic Torts today, no Toxic Torts on Thursday. Life is good.



Your Sexual Energy is Purple!

You're the master of self control - able to turn your sexuality on and off.
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You are never caught off guard when it comes to sex. You're too deliberate for that.

And when you are on fire, well... watch out!
Since you are so in touch with your sex drive, you can ramp it up as much as you want.
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You tend to prescreen lovers methodically, and hardly ever end up with the wrong person.
You've even been known to bring up sex in a matter-of-fact way to determine compatibility.
As a result, you don't even know what bad sex is - you go into the bedroom knowing what to expect.

Ready for a change? Try to make your sexual energy more spontaneous.
Read some erotica, watch a dirty movie, have sex with someone your not 100% sure about.
If may sound scary at first, but isn't sex supposed to be a little scary.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Julia Roberts are celebrities that share your purple energy.

For a hot match, date those with blue, magenta, and white sexual energies.

What Color is Your Sexual Energy?
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