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Six Hour Break
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My Toxic Torts class was cancelled today which leaves me with a six hour break. I've just spent the last three hours working on my Cyber Law midterm. It's a crossword puzzle and it doesn't count for anything, but those who do it correctly will enter a drawing to win some free software. I also have reading that I need to do for class, so at least I won't be bored. Unfortunately the things I'm doing are all school related and are making me want to pull my hair out. Ugh.

My commute this morning was a bitch. The freeway was clogged and it was pouring out. People in LA can't drive in the rain for some odd reason. Christ, I'd hate to see any of them end up having to drive in a location where there was snow or ice. My drive this morning made me realize something - I LOVE my car. SUVs are the coolest cars of all time. Driving in my Lexus RX300 in the rain really doesn't feel any different than driving on dry pavement. And when I'm driving on a wind-about mountain road in the pouring rain it makes me feel way safe. I never really liked SUVs until I started driving one. And now that I have one I can't see myself in anything else. My Luthor (Lexus Luthor) kicks ass.


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