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Welcome To March!
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Rob and I got up at ass o clock in the morning (6am) because we had to be out the door around 7am. I had an 8:30am hair appointment out in Montclair. Because it takes an hour and a half or so to get out there I usually try and schedule my hair appointments for sometime in the afternoon. However, Margie, my stylist, had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon so I had to get there around when they opened this morning. I got my hair dyed (same strawberry blonde color - the roots just needed a touch up) and a trim (nothing much - just the tips so I don't get split ends). I don't want my roots showing at the wedding and I need some time for my scalp to heal (I have very sensitive skin and sometimes the bleach and dye hurt my scalp) so going in today worked out the best. Besides, I don't have ANY time this week. Things are going to be insane over the next week.

After getting my hair done Rob and I made a quick run over to the Montclair Plaza mall. I needed a new pair of jeans and checked around there for some. I found a wonderful pair (fit perfectly - except for being a little long) however the zipper was broken and that was the only pair they had in my size. *grumble* We then grabbed lunch at the food court and looked around one of the department stores for boots. I'm still on a hunt for a pair of black boots. I don't know why it's so fucking hard to find one. After the fruitless boot search we headed out of the mall and drove back home to the valley.

On our way home we stopped off at the Media City Center mall in Burbank. There I found the same pair of jeans that I had liked at the store in Montclair and the zipper was not broken. They feel comfy, fit great (which is cool cause usually the waist is too high), and look great. They're too long (they didn't come in petite) so I'll probably just end up cutting the bottoms off and letting them fray. I also looked around another department store for boots. I found some cool ones, but none of them worked out. They either had too high of a heel, were too narrow, or couldn't zip up all the way. *sigh* All I want is a fucking pair of black books with a low heel (they don't even need to be flat) that zips up. Is this too much to ask for???

Once we got home we were exhausted. Rob and I decided to take a little nap. The "little nap" lasted from 3pm until around 8pm. That nap was longer than the amount of time I sleep on some nights, but we both needed it. Once we woke up we ordered in some Chinese food and watched a DVD we rented last night. We're currently washing up some towels and blankets that Amber was kind enough to pee all over. They stink. After this posting we're thinking of watching another movie. We need to get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow, however with the nap we just had we're not super tired right now. Hrm, maybe we need to open a bottle of wine.



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