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Stressful Day
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Today was so stressful. At some points I wanted to curl up into a little ball and hide. At other points I wanted to kill people. I REALLY need to find the time to do some meditation either tonight or tomorrow night.

Rob went into work today and I ditched class. Thursday is the day when I get to school around 8am and leave around 9pm. I can't handle all of those classes two days before the wedding and so I ditched. Besides, I had a ton and a half of things to get done today.

This morning my Mom picked me up in front of my building and her, my Grandma, and I headed down to Claudine's in Redondo Beach to pick up my wedding dress and head piece. Traffic was horrible there and back and what should have been a simple trip took around 4 hours to do. After picking up the dress we headed immediately back to my Mom's hotel room so that we could hang it up somewhere. The only place high enough to hang it was right behind the door to their room. I really hope that one of the maids doesn't slam the door open tomorrow or Saturday when she goes into the room otherwise I'll be walking down the aisle with a large dirty door stain on my dress. *meep*

We then all headed to Sav On so that I could pick up a prescription that I needed and get a card for my Dad (it's his 60th b-day tomorrow). After the drug store we all came back to my place so that my Grandma could see my apartment (and my cats). We hung out here for awhile and then went back over to my Mom's hotel room with Donna and Ellen's bridesmaid dresses in tow (they had them shipped out here). We hung up the dresses in my Mom's room and my Mom and Grandma got ready to go out for dinner.

In the meanwhile, while all of us girls were scrambling Rob and his Dad went to pick up their tuxedos. The people who work there are morons and Rob's tuxedo pants were WAY too long and his Dad's were too short. His Grandma complained to them about it and they pretty much told him to deal with it because it was a rental. His family pointed out to them that even though it's a rental he's still paying for it and supposedly it should be ready to pick up tomorrow. AARGH!

Later on, we all (my Mom, my Grandma, Rob's Mom, Rob's Dad, Rob's Grandma, Rob, and myself) all met up at the Benihana in Encino. We had dinner and talked and then had some drinks in the bar. I think everyone got along, it seemed that way. Then my Mom and Grandma headed back to their hotel and Rob and I gave his family a quick tour of our apartment. They took off a little while ago and he and I are trying to chill a bit. We're both stressed beyond all belief right now. I think it's time to watch some shows we recorded tonight.


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Be proud. There aren’t many girls with your kind of spirit.
Guys love that. They’re scared of it, too.
And you love that. Which just fuels the fires even more.

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