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Ready To Kill Someone

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I want to run around outside naked and start stabbing everyone I see with a pair of scissors.

Seriously. Today was *insane*.

Take my advice, when you get married - go and do it in Vegas. DO NOT go for a big ceremony, just don't. Your sanity will thank you for it.

So, today and Rob and I decide to sleep in a bit since we're always so incredibly sleep deprived. At ass o' clock in the morning his Mom calls. We let the machine pick it up. That's when the phone starts ringing off the hook. We turn the ringer off in the bedroom, close the door, and try to get some more sleep. We finally get out of bed when we realize that people are not going to stop calling us. We head to the machine and see that we have 12 messages on there. And it's only 10am. Some are from his family (his Mom, his Dad outside the building, his sister outside the building one minute later, etc.). They knew we wanted to sleep in, they just didn't care. Some of the other messages on our machine (which were also on our cells in voice mail and in text messages) were from Lisa (who shall be thrown off the cliff tomorrow as a sacrifice). She thought calling every 5 minutes to remind us how many hours and minutes we had left of single life would be funny. It was, up to a point. But with as stressed as we were it wasn't something we needed. Especially considering one of the other messages on our machine. It was from the Castaways telling us that they had never received payment therefore our wedding tomorrow was being cancelled. After freaking out (we so didn't need this stress) we called them back and told them that we KNEW they had the check and asked them to look around. A while later they told us that they had misplaced it. This kind of shows you how our day is going.

It's 10am when we roll out of bed and we don't have to be ready to head out until 4pm. 6 hours. That's more than enough time to get ready, right? Wrong. People would not stop calling us. I don't know if people are morons or something, but calling the bride and groom for any reason other than an emergency the day before the wedding when we're scrambling to get things done is not a good idea. To all of you who didn't call us today - thank you. We love you. To those of you who did - grrrrrr. So the entire day was spent fielding calls from nice to inane and trying to convince his parents that the rehearsal was at 5pm and not 7pm and that yes we did know that for sure because it was our wedding. We also had to spend a half an hour hunting for the marriage license because Rob couldn't find it. Finally, we're ready to go and my Mom (with my Grandma in tow) picks us up around 4pm and we head off to the Castaways for the rehearsal.

At the Castaways we meet up with Rob's parents and Grandma, my Dad, my aunt and uncle, the priest (David), my bridal party (Lisa, Mindy, Donna, and Ellen), and most of Rob's party (John, Al, and Berek). Notice anyone missing? Yeah, that would be Chris Williams. He didn't make the rehearsal and we had to go over things without him there. At this point, I'm ready to start throwing people off the cliff. We go through the rehearsal (with me in very uncomfortable shoes) and still no Chris. After the rehearsal we all get back into our cars and head to Barone's for the rehearsal dinner. Chris finally made it to the dinner.

So, the rehearsal dinner went like any does (with people bombarding Rob and I - and us wanting to hide under the table). We had there:
My Mom (Lea)
My Dad (Barry) - today was his 60th b-day
My Grandma (Modesta)
My Aunt Jeane
My Uncle Roy
My Aunt Mitzi
My Uncle Jack
Rob's Dad (Charles)
Rob's Mom (Linda)
Rob's Grandma (Ophelia)
Rob's brother (John)
Rob's sister (Ellen)
Rob's other sister (Donna)
The Priest (David)
Mindy (my maid of honor)
Lisa (bridesmaid, one of my best friends, and tomorrow's sacrifice to the cliff gods)
Al (groomsman and great friend)
Berek (groomsman and one of my best friends)
Chris (groomsman and someone I will likely kill if he doesn't show up to the wedding like he didn't show up to the rehearsal)

Oy! We had dinner, talked, went insane, and brought some cake since it was my Dad's 60th. To the rehearsal and the dinner Rob wore a top hat with Mickey Mouse ears and I wore a veil with Minnie Mouse ears. We got compliments from random strangers on them.

After the dinner my Mom dropped Rob and I back off at home. We're trying to relax. Tomorrow we get hitched. *panic?*


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