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If You Flush The Toilet, A Bug Pops Out Of The Shower!
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Day One of the honeymoon:

Rob and I slept in because we were both exhausted from the wedding the day before. Once we woke up we opened some more of our wedding gifts and waited for my Mom to come over from her hotel. We had wanted to leave around 1pm or so, but that so didn't happen. Packing and getting ready took a lot longer than we had originially thought. We didn't end up leaving the house until around 6pm.

We hugged my Mom good bye (she was staying at our house until Wednesday to cat sit for a little while) and then took off for our honeymoon. The one thing that sucked was that I knew when I got back from the honeymoon my Mom would be back in Illinois and I wouldn't be able to see her again until my law school graduation. For our honeymoon we (and by we I mean I because Rob can't drive) drove up to Solvang. The drive up there was pretty uneventful. Since it was a Sunday night the roads were open and luckily there were no cops on the road. Or if there were none of them decided to pull me over for speeding. We got to Solvang around 8:30pm and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Chimney Sweep Inn. They have regular hotel rooms there, but they also have an area with adorable little cottages. We stayed in cottage number one which was also called "The Dawn Treader".

The cottage was ADORABLE!!! It had the whole "Chronicles of Narnia" theme to it. We had a small kitchen, a downstairs bathroom, a living room with a mural of Aslan (the lion from "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe) over the fireplace in the living room, a bedroom upstairs also with a fire place, and another bathroom upstairs with a mural of the Dawn Treader in the shower/tub. The place was amazing. You could not have asked for a better place to stay during a honeymoon. There were only two down sides to the place where we stayed. The first was that there was an area above the fireplace in the bedroom that was loaded with cobwebs. And I am deathly afraid of spiders. However, my new husband was more than willing to kill any spiders (or other insects) which showed up. Up in that area of cobwebs there was also a tree branch (a rather large one that also had smaller branches coming from it) stuck in one of the webs. This became known as our "love tree" which I think was a good way to refer to it because calling it "the huge branch a monster spider was able to drag up there" just gives me the creeping willies. The other down side of the cottage is that whenever you flushed the toilet downstairs, a bug would appear in the shower upstairs. No shit. We used the toilet and later on found a spider in the shower. Then later that night after we used the downstairs toilet again we found an earwig in the shower. Too bizarre. Normally, the whole bug thing would wig the fuck out of me, but I had my big strong bug smashing hubby there to protect me from the creepy crawlies.

Once we were settled in to the cottage we took a bit of a walk around the town and reveled in the fresh air. He and I both have a penchant for walking, but I won't do it a lot in LA. For one, walking around in LA just isn't safe. Plus with the horrible air quality out here I end up having an asthma attack. In Solvang I could walk all over the place and be fine because they had great air up there. I think in LA it's possible to chew the air. After the walk we settled in, watched some TV (Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network), and then got some sleep.


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