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It's Cause Of The Cats!
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Wishing I Was Still In Solvang

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Day two of the honeymoon:

Rob and I slept in a bit and then did a walking tour of the town. We grabbed some sausages for lunch at a place called the Heidelburg Inn and then looked around the town. One of the stores we stopped in sold cuckoo clocks and we thought about getting one and then reality hit us and we realized that the cats would kill it. We looked around in some other stores and enjoyed walking around the town.

After a day of walking we went back to our cottage to rest a bit and then headed out to a fancy dinner. There was a place called the Cabernet Bistro right across the street from our hotel and supposedly they had the best duck in LA when they were located in Santa Monica a few years back. We decided to check it out and the reviews were right, the duck there was incredible. At one point during the dinner Rob made the comment of "I'm in a French Restaurant eating pate, duck, and crepes, and drinking white wine with my wife . . . when the hell did I become an adult?" My thoughts exactly.

After dinner we did a bit more walking around the town (it's so nice to walk around there at night because no one else is there and you can see the stars). Then we headed back to the cottage, watched some TV, and went to sleep.

Day three of the honeymoon:

Once again we slept in a bit and reveled in the fact that for once we were both stress free. Being up there with nothing to worry about is the best feeling in the world. Once we headed out we grabbed lunch at the Greenhouse Cafe and then walked around town a bit more. We ran out of film for our camera so we drove into Buelton to get some more. Once we got back into Solvang we decided to go to a Smorgasbord for dinner. While there we filled up on meatballs and red cabbage. During the walk back to the cottage both Rob and I kept complaining that we were so full of meatballs that they were going to come out of our pores.

Later that night we decided to open up a bottle of wine that we had with us. That's when the real fun began. I got a bit tipsy and decided it would be fun to try to get more alcohol into my system. Rob didn't know what I was doing until it was too late. I stumbled into the living room with an empty bottle of Apple Pucker in my hand (it was half full when I dove into it). At this point I was blitzed. And I have a feeling that there should be some interesting pictures on our roll of film cause Rob decided to take pictures of a very drunk me. I went back into the kitchen to drink some brandy but Rob was able to stop me after a swig or two. However, when Rob went into the bathroom I grabbed his cell phone and called my Mom. She was at my place sleeping because it was late at night and she needed to get up early the next day for her flight back to Illinois. When Rob came out of the bathroom he saw me on the phone telling my Mom that "it's cause of the cats" over and over and then trying to convince her that Sydney and Amber wanted to eat her brains. He grabbed the phone from me and apologized to my Mom about the call. She understood and seemed to be cool with it and Rob then took all phones away from me because I wanted to call more people and warn them about the cats. I know other things went on that night, but I don't remember anything else. Apparently at some point in the night Rob got me upstairs to the bedroom and I passed out.



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