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We're Goin' To Ostrich Land!
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Wishing I Didn't Have To Go Back To School Tomorrow

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Day four of the honeymoon:

This time we actually woke up at a decent hour. We went to lunch at a cute place called The Little Mermaid (more Danish food) and then did some more looking around town. We had seen a few things we wanted to pick up and so today was the day for buying stuff. Rob and I both got some comfy slippers, and we also got some stained glass things (the triple goddess symbol and a purple fish) that you hang on your window and Rob got a 10 minute massage at a local spa. I think we got some other things but I can't remember off hand what they are. We also checked out the local farmers market and indulged in splitting an order of abelskiver. Yum. We then decided to hit one of the wine tasting places in town (Lucas and Llewellyn). We tried all different kinds of wine and had fun talking to the other people in there. We ended up buying a bottle of white and a bottle of blush and the woman working there threw in another bottle of white since we were there on our honeymoon. How cool is that? We also got to keep the glasses from the tasting. After that we headed back to the cottage to clear our heads of the effects of the wine and then decided that we were up for another Smorgasbord for dinner. We went to a restaurant (I can't remember the name of it) that was the oldest restaurant in Solvang and partook of many sausages, meat balls, and red cabbage. This time we made sure not to eat so much that it came out of our pores. We ended up getting some free cake for dessert because of the honeymoon. Damn. We need to honeymoon more often. People kept giving us free stuff and that really didn't suck. We headed back to the cottage after dinner and started a fire. We watched some TV, snuggled by the fire, and went for another walk around town later that night. Wow. It was so cool taking that walk. The whole town was foggy and empty and it was around midnight. Walking around a town modeled after a European village in thick fog at midnight is one of the coolest things in the world. Once we got back from the walk we puttered around the cottage for a bit and then got some sleep.

Day five of the honeymoon:

We got up way early in the morning because this was the day o' animals! First it was off to the Flying V Ranch in Lompoc to see some llamas. We made an appointment with the owner of the ranch for a tour. So, for about an hour it was llamas galore for us. I even got kissies from a llama and got to pet several of them. Rob seemed less than thrilled and I think he didn't want to touch the llamas because they were dirty. Priss. After the llama ranch it was off to Ostrich Land! At Ostrich Land Rob fed a metric ass ton of ostriches while I took pictures. He started freaking out when they all came over to eat from the bucket. He said it was like being attacked by a hydra. I thought it was funny. Also at Ostrich Land were emus. Rob fed the emus pretty well and when I tried they pecked the bowl out of my hands. After Ostrich Land it was on to the Quick Silver Ranch to see the miniature horses. All we did there was take some pictures. The damn things were so weird. They looked like regular horses but were barely bigger than our fat cat Amber. Creepy little horses.

Once we were done with our tour of the various animal places in the area we headed to the Gainey winery. That's the place where we did the wine tasting for my b-day. We went up there to get a few bottles of Reisling for ourselves and to have some mailed to my new in-laws. We bought three bottles for ourselves, had two shipped to the in-laws, and joined a wine club where we'll be getting three bottles of Reisling every two months. That is so cool especially since we can't find any Gainey wine around LA.

We then headed back into Solvang and decided to get massages. Rob got a 25 minute chair massage and I got a 15 minute chair massage with a 20 minute foot soak and rub. I tipped the girl really well. She wasn't that great at massaging (barely felt like she was touching me - small girl who probably shouldn't be doing massages), but I still tipped her very well due to the fact that she had to touch my footsies after all my trips to the various animal ranches.

We headed into Buelton for dinner and got steaks at The Hitching Post. That place is so good. I'll always be thankful that Professor Caldwell recommended it to us a while back. After the dinner we headed back to the cottage and then decided to take another walk to work off our food. The walk was very short because two police cars followed our every move and we got creeped out.

Okay, my hands are getting all cramped up again from all the typing so I'll post more about the honeymoon tomorrow.


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