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The End Of The Honeymoon
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Not Wanting To Be At School

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Heading back from the honeymoon:

Last Friday morning Rob and I packed up our things, checked out of the hotel, grabbed some breakfast at a wonderful belgian waffle place, and then hit the road. Once we were on the 101 Rob saw a bear in one of the remote areas. Other than that the drive was, for the most part, uneventful. We stopped off for a few minutes at the Camarillo outlets to pick up something and then got back on the road. The traffic was open and there was smooth sailing all the way until we hit the exit for Pepperdine up in Calabasas. At that poing traffic stopped and it took longer to get from Calabasas to Studio City than it did to get from Solvang to Calabasas (and that includes the stop off at the outlet).

Once we got back home we unpacked, played with the kitties, and took a nap. Later on in the night we got together with Berek. Rob, Berek, and I headed to a midnight showing of Evil Dead 2 at the Nuart. Once Berek dropped us off after the movie Rob and I both passed out again.

On Saturday Rob and I stayed in the house. It was pouring out and neither of us felt like going out in the rain. So, we just watched TV and movies at home and ordred in Chinese Food.

On Sunday Rob and I got together with Carrie M. and headed over to Universal to see Dare Devil. I never read the comics, but the movie was pretty cool. We then grabbed dinner at Shanghai and Mein. Carrie and I groused over the fact that our Spring Break was soon to be over.

Yesterday (Monday) I spent doing laundry (from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep) and reading for class. I had an enormous amount of work that I needed to get done. It took me all day just to do laundry and my reading, but I did manage to get it all done.

And now I'm back at school. I don't want to be here. I want to be back in Solvang. I am not looking forward to my classes today. On the bright side of things, when I got to school this morning there was a nice surprise waiting for me in my box. I got my award for getting the highest grade in Communications Law last semester. Woo! Now I have two awards like that (Copyright is the other one). I think I should be getting (or should have gotten) one for Legal Ethics because I also AmJured that last summer, but I haven't seen anything about it yet. That's something I'll have to look into because anything to boost my resume helps at this point. I still need a job ASAP.


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