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When Did I Become A Techie?
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Since when did I become a techie? A few minutes ago I had just finished up some reading for class and I found myself typing into my Palm Pilot. Last night I bought a wireless internet card so that I would no longer have to try and slit my wrists with law books when I'm in class and bored (I'm so gonna abuse that). I carry a laptop around with me at school and take notes on it. I take my law school exams on my laptop. And I'm very unhappy about having to write the California Bar by hand (they do allow laptops but you have to erase your hard drive, bring your own printer, and make sure everything is printed out before time is called).

So, here I am on a school computer with my laptop beside me (complete with wireless card), my Palm, my cell phone, etc. Gah. When the hell did I become so reliant on this tech stuff?

Oh well, at least I haven't turned into a total techie. I mean, I do have all these gadgets, but I'm lucky if I know how to use them.


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