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Shopping Spree
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Today kicked some ass! Yeah! Lisa drove up to my place this morning and then I drove us to the mall up in Northridge. Both of us needed some girl time and both of us needed to shop. We're both kind of stressed out right now and shopping helps with that. A lot. Don't worry, you don't have to understand it, it's a girl thing. We chose the Northridge mall because it's has the closest Torrid store in it.

Once we got to the mall we headed straight to Lane Bryant. Lisa got some nice new tops and a pair of jeans (she wanted some new stuff and something cute to wear to Disneyland tomorrow - she and Nick are going down there for her b-day). I got some lounge pants and a matching top, a black gauzey hippie style shirt, and a black lightweight henley. Then we headed over to Payless. Lisa got a pair of comfy (and cute) sneakers for Disneyland and I got a really cute pair of shoes (almost boots, but not quite) that are also pretty cute. They're not sneakers (which is my usual fare) but they'll go great with jeans and a nice top. After Payless we hit the food court for lunch. None of the food there looked all too appetizing, but we noticed a deli tucked away in one of the corners. We went into the deli (which was a restaurant - not really part of the food court) and grabbed lunch. After lunch it was on to Torrid, which has to be the coolest store in the world. Lisa got some cute things there (Care Bear pyjamas, Care Bear panties, etc.) and I tried on almost everything in the store. Luckily, I didn't buy everything I tried on. I did pick up some cute panties (string bikinis with spider webs and spiders on them), a tank top (I'll probably sleep in that during the summer) with Happy Bunny on it (the caption is) "You're so stupid it's cute", an orange shirt with Mighty Mouse on it, a pink shirt with the Care Bear Cousin monkey on it, a black shirt with a punk Hello Kitty on it (caption is I Love Punk"), and the coolest shirt in the world. The coolest shirt in the world is red and has a Jolly Roger (skull and cross bones) on the front. The sleeves are short and poufy and the neck is tied with a ribbon. It's the cutest shirt ever, looks great on me, and is now my favorite article of clothing. It's an adorable "girly" pirate type shirt. Arrrrr.

After all of our shopping Lisa and I finally left the mall. On the way home we decided to stop at a store called Avenue. I had never been there before and Lisa said they sometimes had some cool stuff there. She didn't find anything she liked, but I found a pair of faded black jeans that I picked up. Then we headed back to my place. The 101 was jammed, but that gave us more talk time.

Once we got back to my place I dropped Lisa off in front of the building (where she was parked) so she could head home to her Nick. I went back up into the apartment and made some calls. Now I'm just chilling out a little bit and waiting for my husband to get home. This is nice. I'm not even going to look at anything having to do with school today. I needed a fun day with Lisa and I don't think she has any idea how grateful I am that she was willing to hang today. I'm seriously about to have a nervous breakdown and this helped me a lot. Thanks Lisa! Mwah!


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