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Chock Full O' Rats
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Rob and I decided to skip the Oscars tonight and go out to Citywalk. We saw Willard, which was surprisingly good. A review that Rob saw a while ago said that if you're looking for killer rats eating people and a lot of gore it's not the movie for you and that review was right on target. It was more of a suspense / thriller than a horror film and definitely had some Hitchcockian elements to it. Both Rob and I enjoyed it. And I thought that the little white rat was soooooo cute. I like rats and mice. Heh. That's probably what I'll be like with my balcony critters soon. I'll have control over an army of squirrels, chipmunks, and possums. Woo!

After the movie we grabbed dinner, then stopped at the grocery store for some essentials, and then headed back home. We have to send out more Thank You cards to the people who got us stuff for the wedding and I have to fill out the application to take the bar tonight so I can get it mailed out tomorrow. By the way, if you haven't yet gotten a thank you card and you brought something to the wedding, drop me an e-mail. The cards fell off a lot of gifts and some gifts didn't have cards on them. So, right now we don't know who to thank for what.

Oh, and as a side note. Some days it really does suck to be a woman. *grumble*



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