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Bar Application Blues
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I hate the California Bar Examiners. They suck big donkey schlong. How fucking hard does it have to be for someone to apply to take the bar? Do they get off on making something so simple turn into a three ring circus? Cause at this point it's really looking like they love to torture third year law students and try to push them over the edge with what should be an easy application. Also, why can't they have more testing facilities in the LA area? There's a really good chance that I'll have to be taking the bar in San Mateo or Sacremento. How fucked up is that? To make someone travel to an unfamiliar city to take an exam which is stressful enough as it is. That would be just fucking great. I don't sleep well when I'm in an unfamiliar city (especially when I'm in an unfamiliar city by myself). This exam will make or break me. If I fail it then all of the time, effort, and money which I have put into law school will have been for nothing. And getting little to no sleep during the bar and having other stress than the exam itself is NOT what I'm going to be needing then.

I hate everyone on that fucking committee. They just couldn't make something - ONE FUCKING THING - easy for us, could they? Pig fuckers.

I need to get drunk. I need to get so blasted that I forget who I am. I need to party and get wasted. And I think this weekend that's exactly what I'll be doing.

Fucking, fucking, fuck, fuck. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! I need to scream...

Lisa, you SO made the right decision.


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Read/Post Comments (6)

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