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Another Drive On Satan's Toilet
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My commute this morning was hell. For those of you who don't know, I have previously dubbed the 101 as "Satan's Toilet". This particularly refers to the section of the 101 between Calabasas and Studio City. Luckily, I heard the traffic report as I was heading out this morning, otherwise I'd probably still be in the Studio City area. A good chunk of the 101 (between Laurel Canyon and Woodman) was closed off due to a "cloudy vapor" being over the freeway. The last traffic report said that the HASMAT teams thought it was chlorine. I took Ventura and was able to bypass the freeway. I jumped on at the Woodman entrance and the main hassle was that it took me a half an hour to get on the freeway once I turned onto Woodman. Though once I was on the freeway it was so weird - I was able to cut over to the very left lane in just a few seconds. Due to the fact that Woodman was the earliest place to get back on the freeway, there was NO traffic behind that entrance. It was freakin' weird to see.

When I got to school this morning I saw that the Remedies midterm grades had been posted. The grade counts as 20% if it's better than the grade of your final and doesn't count at all if your final is a better grade than the midterm. I got an 81 and was shocked. I did NO work for the midterm. I blow off class and talk to Carrie or (more recently) mess around on the internet. I didn't study or crack a book for the midterm and I wound up with an 81 (which at Pepperdine is not a bad grade - 80 is the median). My grade kind of shows the apathy in that class right now. No one studied (except for the nerds). The final wasn't easy, it's just that no one cares anymore. *sigh*

This morning I woke up and felt sooooo sick. I wanted to skip class, but unfortunately I can't. I already skipped before my wedding. I got around 45 minutes of sleep last night (I went to bed at a decent time, but had another bout of insomnia) and woke up feeling nausious. I'm currently at school and up in the computer lab and I still don't feel too hot. I can't wait for this day to end. On the bright side, at least today isn't one of my uber late nights!


Well, I guess it's good to know that I don't have Syphilis!

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