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Trying Something New
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Okay, so I'm a dork. The other night I was up late and watching TV. I was flipping around channels and came across an infomercial. I actually watched part of it because it was for a weight loss program. I know, most of those are total bullshit. However, the thing that interested me the most was that there were no "magic lose fat while you sleep" pills involved. It worked through the old standbys - diet and exercise. However, it kind of blueprints you and tells you what is best to eat for your metabolism and which exercises would do you the most good. Now, as everyone who has ever seen me knows, I need to lose weight. And I've tried everything. Luckily I found out that if I work out for about two hours four days a week and eat almost nothing that I can maintain (but not lose) any weight. My main problem is that I'm on steroids for my asthma and that has pretty much killed my metabolism. It's sad when an achievement is to not gain anymore weight. I have pretty much given up the thought of losing weight unless I literally eat nothing.

So, I decided to get the damn program. It's a last ditch effort before I get surgery done to make it so that I can eat nothing. Literally. It's worth a shot, right? So last night I went through the first steps and blueprinted myself. I was impressed. From the questions I answered it knew that I had no metabolism, was hypoglycemic, and had low blood pressure (all true). It then told me NEVER to eat red meat and to stay away from all carbs other than complex ones such as potatos and rice. It also said that the best foods for me were certain fruits (some of them are way bad for my metabolism) and meats like chicken, turkey, and fish. The main problem I'm running into now is that almost all of the meals it suggests for me contain fish and I'm deathly allergic to fish. So, I'm trying it with poultry and hoping it still works. We'll see.

So far I'm interested. It's day one of this new diet and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm a bit scared though because it has me eating more than normal. Like lunch today was a chicken breast (I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and just ate the meat) and a banana. That's more than I usually eat for breakfast and lunch combined and I'm a bit worried that I might end up gaining on this program, but it's worth a try for a little while. One cool thing is that I have more energy right now than usual. So, at least one good thing has come out of this so far. We'll see how it works.


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