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Name Changing
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First off, let me just say that Lisa is a suck monkey. We had plans for today - to hang out, talk, grab lunch, etc. She cancelled these plans last night. Again. I think I need to learn to never plan on being 100% sure of plans with her. She then tried to convince me to grab breakfast with her. When I told her I couldn't (I have specific things I can eat and specific times on this diet) she started guilting me and made a lovely little entry on her journal saying that I think she has cooties and won't hang out with her even though SHE is the one who cancelled the plans. *sigh* So we finally decided that she would at least stop by for a few minutes so that she could pick up the b-day present that I worked my ass off to put together for her. This morning she calls and cancels on that. Now, I do understand why she cancelled both times. She originally cancelled due to the fact that she wanted to leave early today (and not tomorrow) on her trip to Paso Robles with Nick (however I wonder when they actually left because I saw her pop on AIM quickly a few minutes ago). And she cancelled on me this morning because she and Nick were running late and I couldn't wait around all day for her to pop on by. I understand that she has her reasons and I respect them. But that doesn't mean that I am happy with her right now. Grr.

So, today I got my name legally changed. It was a long and frustrating process. I first headed over to Social Security. I didn't have an appointment because I was told that you just walked in and so I had to take a number. An hour later I was helped and I showed the clerk there my ID and my marriage certificate and she changed the name for me (I should be getting my card in 6-8 weeks). I then went over to the DMV and changed my name there as well. I waited about 2 hours to be able to talk to someone and then got the name changed and a new photo taken. I should be getting my new license in the mail in 6-8 weeks as well. After the DMV I headed to the bank to change my name on my accounts, order new checks, and a new ATM card. The account change and the name change on the checks were fine, but there was a problem with the ATM card. My whole name wouldn't fit on the card, so they decided to make it Jen instead of Jennifer. Once I got home I called the places I needed to call about the name change including my credit cards. The length was also a problem when it came to the credit cards so once again they're using Jen on the card and not Jennifer. I hope that I don't have any problems using the new cards because my ID will say Jennifer and not Jen. I also hope that having the card say Jen doesn't mess up my credit rating. *sigh* I don't see why they don't have room for more numbers. So annoying.

So, now I'm back at home and relaxing before people start coming over for the D&D game. I think I need a nap.

Oh, and by the way, I hate taxes.

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 4 lbs. Still. UGH!!!

Days on the diet: 9.


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