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Mmmmm, Gaming
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Last night our D&D group got over here around 8pm. We ordered in food from Pizza Hut and Bryce brought a bunch of alcohol with him. Some people started drinking and others decided to stay sober. This time everyone was able to make the game. We joked around for a bit and then got into the game. Some of us were bored during the combat scenes but once the role playing got going it seemed like people had a good time. I've learned that my pull away from the world of gaming isn't complete. I still have no interest to play in live action games, but I'm having a good time with table top. I think that's a good thing because Rob's still a gamer at heart and doing the table top thing is a way for both us to have fun and unwind with each other. Plus it's always nice to have an excuse to get together with some of our friends on a social basis.

People filtered out around midnight with some staying later than others and when everyone was gone Rob and I pretty much passed out. We were both exausted. Today we slept in pretty late and then got up for a bit. We tried to decide what we wanted to do tonight and then decided that we were both still tired so we laid down and cuddled for a bit. During the cuddling we both fell asleep and didn't end up getting out of bed until around 8:30pm. Since it was already late we decided to stay in for the night and relax. Neither of us get enough sleep on weeknights so we tend to crash hard on the weekends. We ordered in Chinese food, watched some TV, and played some games. It was relaxing and fun. No matter what we're doing I always seem to have a good time around my cute hubby.

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 4 lbs. I think I hit a plateau. Hrm, I need to find a way to get by this.
Days on the diet: 10.


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