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Catching Up
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Looks like I have some catching up to do. I haven't had the time to log on (not even to check my e-mail) recently due to finals. I'm still in finals, but I need a bit of a break and thought I would post something on here.

I'm getting more and more worried about some of my grades. Cyber Law was the only final I felt confident about and I didn't do well in it at all. The grade came in today and it's a 78. Blech. There goes my GPA. And considering that was the final that I felt the best about - not a good sign. I don't want to see what my other grades look like. If my GPA doesn't go up (so far with that 78 it's gone down) then I'll lose my top 50% standing. Times are not good for me right now.

Last Saturday was - interesting to say the least. Berek drove a group of us to a club on Saturday night. Berek, his girlfriend (I think her name is Peter or Pepeta or something like that - can someone correct me please), Carrie, Rob, and I all went to Dungeon. At first it was fun. Then the room started spinning. I don't remember much of the night but Rob has filled me in on some of the choice details. Apparently I gave him a lap dance, danced with some girls on the dance floor, yelled a lot, accidently hit people while flailing about (sorry about that), and then blew oats on a girl who had just found out that her husband was cheating on her. I remember that Flor, her boyfriend Kyle, and Marshall were all there. I vaguely remember talking to them. I really don't remember most of the night, but I think I had fun up until I blew oats. I was violently drunk and probably ruined a good part of the floor of the club. I hope they don't remember me there because I would like to go back sometime. From what I can remember it was fun - and I'd love to go back with a limit on how much I can drink. I had around 15 drinks that night and that's enough to kill an elephant. I think I need a set limit the next time so I don't blow oats all over the club and those around me. By the time I got home that night I was praying for death. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up a few times in the morning to hurl more. Sunday I was out of it. I was hung over big time, still feeling sick to my stomach, and had a migraine. Luckily I was feeling much better on Monday.

Other than going to the club and getting very drunk all I did last weekend and during the past days when I haven't posted was study. I worked on preparing for my Insurance Law final. This morning I had my Insurance Law final. Not a fun final and I have no idea how I did on it. And now it's time to study for my Toxic Torts final which is coming up on Thursday morning.

As a side note, I'm postponing the dieting comments until I'm out of finals. I haven't weighed myself recently and I probably don't want to because being in finals has taken me off of the diet for now.


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