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More Grades
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Tired and Stressed Out

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Two grades have come in so far. As mentioned in yesterday's entry, I got a 78 in Cyber Law. Not good and it brought my GPA down. Today my Fed State grade also came in. I got an 89. I'm rather happy with this grade due to the fact that my computer froze during the exam and I lost a bit of my writing. On the bright side, the 89 balanced out the 78 (they were both 2 unit classes) and therefore my GPA is back to where it was before any grades came in. However, if I want to keep my class ranking that GPA is going to need to go up a bit and I don't think that's going to happen. I don't think I did well at all on my Remedies exam, and I'm not sure how I did in Insurance Law, but I do have a bit of a bad feeling about it.

Today I've spent outlining and studying for tomorrow's final (Toxic Torts). This is my last final and I'm taking it on a pass/fail basis. I wasn't willing to take this for a grade. I've been lost in there ever since the topic of epidemiology came up and most of the people in there are really smart (like top of the class smart and amjured other torts classes smart). I don't feel like competing with them. Also, I didn't do very well in the other class that I had with this professor my second year. So, I'm using my last pass/fail election on this class. I need a 70 or above to get a "pass". I need a 60-70 to get a "credit". And anything below a 60 is a fail. So, as long as I score a 70 or higher I'll be happy. When you take a class on a pass/fail basis they never tell you what grade you would have gotten had you taken it for a grade. I think it's better that way.

So, after tomorrow I will almost be officially over and done with law school. No more law school classes. No more law school finals. Just graduation, bar review classes, and the bar. I know that the bar review classes will be way worse than law school classes, and that the bar will be way worse than any law school final - however, it will be nice knowing that I now have a doctorate to show for all of my hard work over the past three years. Let's just hope I can pass the bar so that my degree will be worth something when it comes to getting employed!


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