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The End of Finals
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I'm way tired and as soon as I get home I'm going to sleep. This morning's final was harsh. I'm so glad I took that class pass/fail. He wanted the final written in "Memo" style, as in a memo from first year research and writing. I didn't remember how to write one. I had that class about two years ago and haven't had to write one since. So - I just wrote it like a normal essay. Which will cost me points. I also know that I missed A LOT if issues. Oh well, hopefully I'll just get my happy little P for pass. We'll see.

I'm on line right now because I need to clean out my school e-mail account. For those of you who e-mail me there, you might want to start e-mailing me at home (link to your left). My school account will be shut down shortly.

It's over and done with. No more law school classes. No more law school finals. And soon I graduate. I'll be a lot more enthused about this when I'm awake, but for right now I can barely keep my eyes open and I'm too tired to feel much of anything other than a desire to be at home in my comfy bed. I think I'd also be a bit more enthused if I had some sort of job lined up. *sigh* I guess it's official then. I'm going to be graduating without a job and without ever having gotten one single interview for a job. I'm so fucked.


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