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Friday Night At the Mall
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So, last night Rob and I decided to get out of the house for once. I actually have some free time now that finals are over with and my family doesn't come into town until the middle of next week for graduation. Speaking of which - if you're planning on coming to my graduation (this Friday), I need to know by Monday. Call me and let me know. Anyway, I was kind of tired and didn't think I could sit through a movie in a dark theatre without dozing off a bit so we headed to the mall. Yay mall!

While there I got some summery stuff for myself (short sleeved shirts and a pair of cropped jeans) and I also got some shoes for myself (work shoes and a pair of neat sandal/flat thingies - very strappy and sexy). I was also able to pick up Mother's Day gifts for my Mom. She's coming into town on Wednesday so she'll be getting them then. I'm not going to post what I got her on here cause she reads this. I'll probably post it once I give it to her if I can remember to do so. Rob got a D&D book - I think it's called the Fiend Folio or something like that. Hrm, we need to organize another D&D game before my bar review classes begin.

After shopping we grabbed dinner at a restaurant that's in the mall (Red Robin), then did some errands (drug store and the like) and then headed home. We watched some TV for a bit and then passed out. Today we slept in until around 4pm. Bad, I know, but we both really needed the sleep. Work's been rough for him recently and I haven't gotten much sleep at all what with finals these past two weeks. So, sleeping in was much needed and very nice.

We're going to order in something for lunch and then maybe head out to see a movie tonight.

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 6 lbs. Not bad. I went off my diet during finals and only gained one pound back.
Days on the diet: 1 month and 14 days.


Hrm, after last weekend I would have to say I'm more of a "vomit on anything not quick enough to get out of my way" drunk.

Happy Drunkard! You love having a good time! And alcohol just
makes everything WAY more fun! But for
goodness sake, keep your CLOTHES ON!

What type of Drunkard are you?
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