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Ooh! A Car Chase!
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Doing Nothing - And Damn Happy About It!

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Today has been nice. I haven't done a damn thing. I got to sleep in, watch Passions, see a car chase end in front of my apartment, and just chill out. No school work, no worries, just - nothing. And I love it.

I'm serious about the car chase. About an hour ago when I logged on my apartment started shaking. Then I heard a bunch of police sirens and gun shots. I ran into the front of my apartment and looked out the window. There were a bunch of cop cars, an ass load of helicoptors over my building (hence the shaking), and a truck driving onto the curb by the LA river / aquaduct (it's really just a cement trench) thing. I watched for awhile. The guy ran into a nearby gated apartment complex. Police chased. Awhile later an ambulence showed up. People who aren't the brightest decided to venture down the street to see what was going on (even though there was the sound of gun shots). The police didn't look happy about this. I stayed in my apartment and occasionally watched what was going on through my kitchen window (still am - it's still going on). The street outside of my apartment complex is closed off. So, I got to see another car chase end here. A few years back one ended at the gas station on the corner and after hours upon hours of a standoff with the police the guy shot himself. The sad thing is that I live in a rather nice neighborhood. This shows you what a shit hole LA has become.

Last weekend was pretty cool as well. Saturday night Rob and I headed over to Citywalk and saw X2. Very good for a blockbuster / popcorn flick. And it's even fun for people like myself who are not "comic book geeks". Though from what Rob said it has some hidden cool things for those who are into the comic series. We then wandered around and looked at the stores and grabbed some food.

Sunday we spent around the house and did some cleaning. We got the rooms vacummed so that my allergies won't kill me and completely cleaned out my closet. A lot of clothes were donated later that day.

Yesterday (Monday) all of my grades for this semester came in. So, here's what they look like:
Cyber Law: 78 (I so thought I did better than that - at least in the low 80's - ugh - NOT a good grade.)
Constitutional Law (Fed/State): 89 (Not bad at all, I thought I did worse that that due to the fact that my computer froze at the end of my test and not everything got saved. I'm pretty happy with this one.)
Remedies: 80 (In general, it's not a great grade. But it's WAY higher than I expected. I was praying for a D cause I thought I had seriously failed it. Looks like it was just as tough for all the others. I also think I lucked out because a lot of third years blew it off. Either way, I'm happy with this grade cause it's way better than I thought I would get.)
Insurance Law: 89 (Wow. I'm so happy that I'm one of the few people who was able to finish the exam. It was rough and I didn't think I did too well on it. Very happy with this one. Especially since it puts me above the median. Out adjunct professor mentioned that those who got above the median were welcome to contact him for job help. Insurance law isn't the area I really want to practice in, but a job is a job. I'll drop him an e-mail sometime in the next few weeks.)
Toxic Torts: P (I passed. I don't want to know what my grade was, but I passed and that's all that matters.)

So, I passed all my classes and am graduating with an 82.4 GPA. Not great, but a lot better than the GPA I had after my first semester. And at least I'm graduating.

This Friday is gradation and I'm nervous and a bit excited. I'm actually going to be a doctor. I've gotten the responses in from the people who are going to be there and am a bit disappointed in the fact that not many people care to be there for me during this time. Those that will be coming are Rob, my Mom, my Grandma, my Aunt Jean, my Uncle Roy, and Berek. I understand people not being able to make it because they have work. I would never be upset with someone for not coming because they had to be at work - that's understandable. However, I do have some friends who are currenty not working and they won't be there. And my Dad won't be there. *sigh* Oh well, things like this just show you who will be there to support you in life and who can't be counted on.

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 6 lbs. But I'm still cheating a bit. I'll be going back on my diet sometime in the next few days.
Days on the diet: 1 month and 17 days.


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