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Chores and Such
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So, this is my summer vacation. One week off. The calm before the storm. My time to relax and have fun before the hell of bar review classes begin. So far, it's been boring. I need to find something fun to do 'cause as of now, it seems as if I'm wasting this small amount of free time. I'm pondering another trip to Dungeon this weekend - minus the vomiting.

Yesterday, I did household chores. Laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Things that needed to be done, but were boring and not the type of thing I should be doing with this valuable free time. Today I'm starting in on my Moral Character application for the California Bar. That's going to take awhile. There's some information that I need that will take me awhile to compile. Ugh. I think this background check gets more up close and personal than a trip to the friendly neighborhood proctologist. Oh well. It might be long, daunting, and annoying, but in the end things should be fine. I've never committed any crimes or done anything that should make them bat an eye at my "moral character". In all honestly my life has been pretty boring and the "weirdest" thing I've done is live action gaming. See? Boring. But I think boring is what they want, so yay. I'll just be happy when it's done with and mailed in. Sometime this week I should probably start in on my bar review reading. Ugh. I need to have fun!

Tonight Rob and I are probably going to stay in. He said that he's pretty tired and I want to watch the series finale of Buffy (one of my favorite tv shows) and maybe catch the season finale of Smallville. Oh well, maybe I'm doing boring things so far this week, but at least I'm catching up on my sleep. I still need a life though.


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