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Lobster Jen
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Looks like it's time to play catch up once again. I didn't have the time to log on at all since my last journal entry.

Wednesday when I got home from school I waited around for my Mom to call and say that she's at her hotel. She called at a little after 4pm and I went over there for a bit. We met up with Rob back at our place and then the three of us headed to Bennigan's for dinner. While we were out and about we also introduced my Mom to the wonders of the Cold Stone Creamery. We then headed back to her hotel and hung out with her a bit. Later on Rob and I headed back home and got some sleep.

Thursday Rob had to be at work so Mom and I decided to go shopping. We did a lot of shopping. First we headed up to the Camarillo outlets. We grabbed lunch at Souplantation and then headed over to Payless to look at shoes. After Payless we hit Linens N Things and picked up some a neat gray sheet set which will match a quilt that Rob and I have been eying. We then headed over to the outlet area and Mom looked around at a bunch of the shops. I did some browsing in the Coach outlet, but all of the other browsing and shopping at the outlets was done by my Mom. I've noticed that almost none of the stores have clothing in my size. Grr.

We then headed back down the 101 and stopped in the Northridge mall. While there my Mom got a neat pair of pants at Torrid and I got a tank top to sleep in this summer there as well. I also picked up some face lotion at the Estee Lauder counter in Robinsons-May. We then headed out of that mall and headed to the mall near my place in Sherman Oaks. We looked around at some of the stores there and Mom got me a neat black leather Coach purse with a buckle on it at the Coach store there. It's very cool. After the mall we stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and got the quilt that Rob and I have been wanting (and it did match the sheets we got). We then headed home and waited for Rob to get back from work.

By the time he got home I was wiped. I had been driving all over the place and all I wanted to do was just chill out a bit so the three of us ordered in Chinese food and watched some TV. Later on we took my Mom back to her hotel room and hung out with her for a bit there before heading back to our place to sleep.

Friday, Rob and I got up early and got dressed and ready for graduation. The limo my Mom rented picked up my Mom, Grandma, Aunt Jean, and Uncle Roy from their hotel first and then headed over to get us. It picked Rob and I up in front of our apartment. It drove us to Pepperdine for my graduation. Graduation was less than fun. We had to wear thick black velvet robes, black velvet hats, and a velvet hood out in the sun. The robes turned into saunas and all of the graduates seemed sweaty and uncomfortable. To quote Chris Lucero, we were "sweating like a whore in church". No one bothered to tell us that we would be out in the sun. Every other year there has been a tent over the graduates. Not this year though (however the people there to view the ceremony were covered). Due to the fact that no one said we would be out in the sun I didn't have any sunscreen on. My face and upper chest is burned BADLY. I'm bright red and I can't move my face at all without it hurting horribly. Sun and a fair skinned blonde are not a happy mix. The only thing that would be more sun sensitive than I am would be a vampire. This is so not cool and so unbelievably painful. I look like a lobster. After the hell of sweating and burning through graduation I got the hell out (fuck the reception) of there and the limo took us all to Benihana for dinner. Dinner would have been a lot more fun had my face not been in immense pain. After dinner the limo dropped us off at home. Rob and I laid down on our bed and covered our faces with cold wet wash-cloths. We then headed over to Rite Aid and picked up some Solarcaine. Ah, relief. Once again we hung out in my Mom's hotel room (this time with Mom and Nana) until it was time for us to head home and sleep.

Saturday Rob and I slept in until noon. Once we got up and showered and everything we met my Mom and Nana over at the restaurant attached to their hotel and had some lunch. After lunch we headed out to see Down With Love. As a fan of the old Rock / Doris films I absolutely LOVED it. It has to be one of the better films I've seen this year. After the movie the four of us headed over to Friday's for dinner. While there we saw Berek, Peta, Ben, and Ben's girl friend. How weird / cool was it for us to be in the same place at the same time? We said hi to them and I thanked Berek for coming to my graduation (he's the only friend who did - the only people who came for me were Berek, Mom, Rob, Nana, Jean, and Roy). We then had dinner and then took my Mom and Nana back to their hotel. Once again we hung out with them until they needed to get some sleep. Rob and I said our farewells (they left Sunday morning) and headed back to our place for some sleep.

Yesterday (Sunday) Rob and I chilled out around out house. We both needed to relax. And we both need to stay out of the sun for awhile since he's a bit on the crispy side too. We watched tv, ordered in Thai, etc. Today I'm getting a lot of laundry done and watching TV. I need a day off. Tomorrow I need to start getting some reading done for my bar review classes and get my moral character application started. Ugh. This is my last week of freedom for a long time. Once bar review starts next week I won't have any free time until after I take the bar. I have a feeling that I'll be praying for death a lot this summer!

Weight lost on my infomercial diet so far: 6 lbs.
Days on the diet: 1 month and 23 days.


very fucked.

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