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Bubbles In My Bathroom
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So, I'm in the kitchen and need to go to the bathroom. I head into the second bathroom which is the easiest to get to since it's right next to the living room. I go in, lift up the toilet lid, and notice that once again the toilet is filled to the top with soap bubbles. I slam the lid down before the bubbles overflow all over me. They're probably all over the bathroom by now, but I don't know for sure because I shut the door and didn't look back.

I should have known better than to enter that bathroom on a Thursday.

I've been living in this apartment for a year and a half now. The toilet has been vomiting soap bubbles every other Thursday for that entire time. I call down to maintanance and they claim that the problem has been fixed. But it hasn't. 'Cause every other Thursday come the soap bubbles. You would think that given a year and a half that someone could figure out how to fix whatever the hell is going on. *sigh* I'm surrounded by idiots.


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Nihilist Bear

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