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Missed The Movie
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So, Rob and I had planned on going to Citywalk and seeing a film tonight. Maybe Matrix or Identity. He got home from work around the usual time and we then headed out. Kind of. Ventura blvd. was packed full of cars that were not moving. I have never seen a traffic jam that bad on a side street. We tried a round about way, but just got stuck in worse traffic. Apparently something bad had happened on the 101 (aka Satan's Toilet) and only one lane was open. Which means that every fucking car in the area decided to jump off the freeway and onto the surface streets near my place. It took 20 minutes just to go a few blocks and get back home. We decided to skip the movie. It normally takes about five minutes to get to Universal. With the way traffic was moving (we noticed that a car had gone about a quarter of a block in 20 minutes) it would have taken over an hour to get there. So, we said fuck it and went back home. Going back home was a pretty good idea because later in the night my back started killing me. I get some bad back pains and cyatica right before my period. So, at least I got to rest. We ordered in food. No way I was driving in that mess again.

So, that was our night. Looks like we'll have to try and see those films some other time this weekend. At least Rob and I have Friday through Monday off. Yay!

As a side note, I thought I should let you all know something. MY HUSBAND IS A REALLY BIG HUGE MASSIVE SCARY GEEK. And I'm so proud of him for it! If there's a gamer out there who can beat his score, I'd like to know.

And now for a quiz of my own:


your asshole.

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