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I Can't Think Of A Good Title So Just Pretend That There Is One, Okay?
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Playing Catch Up

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So, where did I leave off in this thing? It's been a while since I've had the time to log on. I think I posted on Friday so I'll start this entry off with Saturday.

Saturday, Rob and I slept in. We had plans at night and decided to take full advantage of not having any plans during the day. That night Berek, Berek's girlfriend Peta, and Carrie headed over to our place and met up with Rob and me. The five of us headed to Dungeon and were able to get a booth. Getting there right when the club opens can be a bit boring, but it's worth it to have one of the booths. Carrie's new boyfriend (who she met the last time we were at Dungeon), Patrick, also showed up and hung out with us. Well, he more took Carrie off for a few hours and made out with her, but he did make an appearance. I didn't do much drinking. Alcohol didn't seem appealing and so I ended up staying sober the whole night. I had a few light drinks, but nothing that even got me feeling tipsy or buzzed. We watched the show, talked, and had a good time. Patrick seems very cool and the type of guy who I wouldn't mind hanging out with as a friend sometime. He and I are both horror movie junkies and spent the walk to Berek's car geeking out about horror films. I've never met anyone who has seen all of the rare horror and B movies that I have. I think Carrie and Patrick need to start double dating with Rob and myself. After the club Patrick headed home and the five us of who headed to the club together made our way to Carl's Jr for after club foodage. Once we were done eating and acting like weirdos Berek dropped Rob and I off at our apartment and we went to sleep.

Sunday Rob and I headed over to Citywalk and saw The Matrix Reloaded. I was very disappointed. The first Matrix was an incredible film with an original plot. This one was an average sci-fi film. Don't get me wrong, if you just take it as a sci-fi film it's not bad. But if you compare it to the first one it was VERY disappointing. It was nothing special and really kind of sucked in parts. The ending was horrible!
*Pan to Neo in a coma...*
*Pan to "bad guy" also passed out on the same ship..."
*Cue menacing music and "to be continued" line at bottom of screen."
Yes, I'm serious. Soooooo lame. Anyway, it disappointed me to no end and I'm not too jazzed about seeing the third one. If you do go and see it, stay for the entire credits. They're long, but at the very end of the credits there is a preview for the next film. Anyway, that was our Sunday.

Monday Rob and I slept in and just hung around the house. We made it a nice and relaxing day in. We both needed it.

Today I went to see Lisa. I drove to her place (traffic kind of sucked on the way there and Nick game me the wrong directions). She showed me her apartment and from there she drove us to a local mall. We hit the usual stores. I ended up trying on some clothes, but didn't get anything. Scary, huh? I did get some non-clothing things though. I got the DVDs for Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser 2. I got some sunblock and soap at Bath and Body Works. And I got some cute and cheap bracelets. After the mall Lisa and I went to an ... adult store. I got a purple (yes, purple) whip. That's all I'm going to say about that. Lisa got something as well, but I'm not at liberty to say what. Use your imagination. After the *ahem* novelty store we headed to Jamba Juice and then headed back to her place. I hung out there for awhile and talked with her and Nick and watched their fishies. Unfortunately, both Nick and Lisa kept an eye on me so I was not able to smuggle a fish out of there. *pouts* Oh, and I ended up forgetting to bring Lisa's b-day present with me on my trip down there. D'oh. I will get that damn thing to her some day. Really. I will. I headed out around 4pm and decided to head into LA and pick my hubby up from work. Traffic was ass and it took me over an hour to get to his office. It took another hour to get the two of us home. But, we did make it home and now we're chilling out around the house. I was sick of driving so we ordered in Chinese food for dinner. I thought I would log on and play catch up with this journal. Now that I'm done I think I'll log off and go snuggle with my hubby.


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