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Harris Bank Credit Cards Suck
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Pissed Off and Stressed

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I am so pissed off right now. Yesterday I got my bill for my Harris Bank credit card in the mail. And I noticed something odd. There was a finance charge on there. I always pay my bill in full and therefore this prompted me to carefully check out everything in the bill. Then I noticed that the bank is claiming that I didn't pay last months's bill. I have nearly perfect credit and this could seriously fuck it up. I knew that I paid the bill and so I went through my checkbook and found the check number. I called my bank and they confirmed that the check number had cleared and that the stamp on the back of the cashed check was for my credit card company.

So, this morning I called the credit card company. After going through hell, they told me that the check was no where in the system and that if that check had been cashed (which they didn't think it had even though my bank said it had) it wasn't cashed by them (even though they stamped the back of the cashed check). So, I called my bank back and they're going to send me a copy of the front and back of the cashed check. Then I'll call the credit card company and see how to work things when I'm holding the damn thing in my hands.

This is so frustrating. I have had this card for a few years now. I have paid my bill in full and on time every single time. And now, even though my bank and I have proof that THEY cashed the check I sent to them for last months's bill they don't believe me and are trying to get that money from me AGAIN while fucking up my credit rating. I really hate this fucking bank. When this whole mess is over and done with I'm cutting up the card and cancelling it. No one should have to go through what they're putting me through and I will not stay a customer of theirs for one minutes longer than I have to. This is insane. If any of you ever think about getting a credit card through this bank, do not do it. They're assholes, don't even give you the benefit of the doubt if you're a long standing customer with a perfect record, and their customer service reps are just plain rude. It's not worth it. I can't wait until I can cancel this damn thing. Fuckers. I really hope they send me something asking why. Grr!

My bar review class starts tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. And the whole being in class on the weekend? Not cool. I didn't need this credit card stress to come right before the stress of bar review. I hate my life right now.


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