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The Start of Bar Bri
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Today was my first day of bar review classes. I'm taking two bar review classes, Bar Bri and PMBR. PMBR is right before the bar and Bar Bri is the one I'm in at the moment. It's the one that's non stop and exhausting. I don't get many days off (there are weekends where I have to be there - like the one coming up) and the homework load is nuts. This is so sad. I'm out of school. I have my degree. And now I have to spend more time in class than I did during school. And do more homework that I had to in school. You know, I didn't think it would be possible to have more homework than in law school. I was wrong. Bar Bri gives way more homework than law school did. I'm in class for sometimes 4 hours a day and sometimes 9 hours a day. And I have 8 - 12 hours of homework each day as well. I don't know when they think we'll sleep. What with classes, commuting, eating meals, and doing basic things like taking a shower and getting ready in the morning I don't know when I'm going to find the time to sleep. And that's a scary thought considering that these Bar Bri classes go through mid July. It's the very first day of this and already I'm praying for death. This is not a good sign.

I just really hope this hell pays off. If I pass the bar it will all be worth it. If not, I think I might just have to drive off that cliff on Malibu Canyon. Oh, Bar Bri also seems like a rip off at this point. You pay a few thousand dollars (I paid around 3 grand) for these classes and you don't even have a real Professor there to teach you and take questions. A fucking video teaches you. We're learning from a video. For three thousand bucks. *sigh* I guess I'll know if this was all worth it sometime in late November. The bar is at the end of July, but the results aren't mailed out until after the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm not even going to get started on how uncool it is to have us wait 4 months for our result - especially if we need to scramble and sign up to take it again. I'll go off on that sometime after I take the bar.

On the bright side, the Torts session went well today. I understood what the video guy was saying and am not lost at this point. I also think I learned more about Torts than in my entire first year of law school. Where were these tapes then? I so could have kicked ass grade wise had I seen these before taking my finals. *sigh* You know, since they do video classes anyway they should consider sending the videos to students who would rather watch them at home. That would be so much better than a 40 mile commute (each way) to watch a fucking tape of a Professor lecturing.

Well, it's time to head off and do my homework. Tomorrow I'm back on campus again for another riveting Torts session. *sigh* I want to sleep.


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