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Surrounded By Idiots
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Tired, Stressed, and Fucking Pissed Off

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I have come to the realization that the vast majority of people on this planet are incompetant, idiots, and assholes. *sigh* So, Harris Bank needs from me a copy of the check that they cashed. I called my bank up and requested the check so that I could send them a copy. They didn't send me the check. They sent me a copy of the check that's illegible. You can barely read the front of the check where I wrote things and you can't make out the stamp on the back at all. The guy on the phone who works for the bank told me that it was stamped by my credit card company, but if they can't read it on the print out it will do me no good.

I don't want to have to repay the amount that I already paid to them, but I don't want my credit rating ruined any more than they have already done to me because of this mess. If I end up re-paying that's another $300 bucks to them which I already gave them. Being unemployed and all sucks and I don't have the money where I can just pay that to get them off my back. I seriously hate my life right now. Why does this shit always happen to me at the most stressful times in my life? Any ideas about where to go from here? Cause things are looking kind of fucked right about now.

Bar Bri is sucking and I'm massively over worked. I had class in the morning and part of the afternoon and just got finished going over an ass load of Torts drills. My head feels like it's going to explode and I haven't been sleeping much at night, so I'm also seriously sleep depped. I start nodding off at times when I need to stay awake and then when I get to bed at night I can't fall asleep. Things are sucking pretty hard right now and to be honest if I didn't have Rob around I'm not sure what I would do. He's the one thing that's keeping me together. Hey Lisa, I'll shoot you if you shoot me at the same time. ;) Anyway, I need to go and do more work. And tomorrow when you're all having fun on your days off from work I get to be in class. Again. And then do more Torts and Essay homework. I hate my life.


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