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More Drama For My Hubby
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So, there was more drama with my hubby Rob yesterday. He was looking over his bank records and noticed a lot of charges on his ATM/Debit card that he did not make. So, after a bit of panic he called the bank. He ended up finding out that the restaurant where we had ordered in Chinese food the other night had charged him over and over for his one transaction. Looks like their credit card machine had a spaz attack or something. The bank said that he would only be charged for the signed receipts they received and so that was taken care of. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but it was way not cool considering the credit fraud he's currently dealing with.

Yesterday, he also got to talk to the detective who has been assigned to handle the case. I'm not sure what exactly is going on with that, so if you're curious then drop him a line. He put in an order for his credit report today to see if anything else bad has happened, but it will take awhile for him to get it due to the fraud alert at all of the credit agencies. *sigh* The fun never ends.

On the bright side, my hassle with Harris Bank looks as if it might be over with. I received a letter from them telling me that the mistake had been cleared up. We'll see when my next bill comes. I'm still going to cancel that card after I get my next bill. That kind of mistake is unacceptable. Especially when I can get a credit card with a better company (and one who won't treat me like crap).

Bar review is coming along slowly. We finished up Evidence today (2 days for a semester's worth of material) and tomorrow we move on to Real Property (3 days for two semester's worth of material). This is a subject that I'm going to have to pay close attention to considering that my law school grade for it was a 66 - my lowest grade EVER. Not fun. And I'm seriously sleep depped. With all the work I have to do and the time I have to get up in the morning, there's no time for sleep. There's no time for anything except the damn bar review. Suck, suck, suck. I'm still not getting Torts even though we have been over it already. On the bright side, I think Evidence is finally starting to sink in. I suck at it, but not as badly as I suck at Torts. That's something, right?


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