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Confused By Property
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Brain Has Melted

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Today Rob got more information on the whole credit fraud situation. Apparently the address where the card was being sent to is an address that's in USC housing. It's where he used to live about six years ago. What the detective thinks might have happened was that a credit card application was sent there - and then the student who lives there or someone with access to the mail box decided to send the application in pretending to be Rob. I really hope whoever sent that application in is caught. Fucker.

Not much is new with me. Just more bar review. Today we started in on Real Property. I didn't understand it back in law school and I don't understand it now. It's like the video professor was speaking in a totally foreign language. I NEED to understand it though because it WILL be tested on the multiple choice. And there may be an essay on it as well. *sigh* I'm trying to understand it and am reading over the material, but it just won't sink in. I just DON'T get it. Shit.

If any of you attorneys / people in bar review / law students out there who read this understand that subject and are willing to give me a hand with it, drop me an e-mail. The link to my e-mail is over to your left. Help?



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