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Happy Little Break
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Yesterday I took a happy little break from my work. My roots were showing (I dye my hair a light strawberry blonde and the natural color is a dark ash blonde) in a bad way and so I had an afternoon appointment at my usual salon (Gebhart). I got my hair touched up (same color - though I'm considering going red again in the future) and then Rob and I headed to a nearby theatre to see a movie. We had wanted to see the fishie movie, but the theatre for that one was packed with small and annoying children so we decided to skip that one for now. We ended up seeing Wrong Turn. That wasn't a very good movie at all, but we at least got to see the preview for Underworld before it and so it was well worth it.

After the movie we headed home so I could get Saturday's assignments done. We ordered in food and I spent most of Saturday night working. Today Rob and I slept in a little (though we're still both very tired) and I've spent all of today working. I'm not done with it yet and still have an essay on Real Property to write, but I thought I would take a bit of a break and log on for a bit. Okay, break time is over. I need to get to work so I can get some sleep tonight. *sigh* My life is so boring right now. Can you believe that I'm spending our three month wedding anniversary working and that we're just going to order in Chinese for dinner? I hate bar review.


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