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Big Cotton Head
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My head feels like it's all stuffed up with cotton. I'm so damn tired that I feel like I'm about to collapse. And I still have more work to get done tonight.

We covered a semester's worth of Criminal Law today in my bar review class. The class wasn't too bad, but I'm pretty exhausted and stressed. I would give anything for a vacation. Most of my friends have nice vacations planned for once the bar is over with. What do I have? Jury duty.

All of this stress is messing with my health in a very bad way (see private entry from today - if you don't have access to the private section and would like access then send me an e-mail, not a comment on this journal - an E-MAIL). I'm going to be so happy when all of this is over and done with. And I had damn well better pass the bar. I'm nearly killing myself (yes, literally, once again see private entry) right now and I had better have something to show for it. Life sucks so hard right now.


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