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Aches and Pains
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My Back Hurts

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I think that when I'm done with the bar and jury duty and all of that stuff that I'm going to head to a spa for a day and get pampered. I need a massage, and while I do appreciate Rob giving me back rubs and the like, I need a professional massage. My back is hurting me right now and the only thing keeping me from being in severe pain are the exercies that my physical therapist told me to do. It's now a constant dull throb. Once again I think it would be better if I was a bit less stressed out, but hey - sometimes there's stress in your life that you just can't control. My left shoulder also hurts like hell whenever I move my arm. This I've tracked down to the amount of time I'm in the position of typing during the day. It gets better on the days when I don't have class and then worse as the week goes on. So, I need a professional massage and I've decided that when all of this is over with I'm taking a day off just for me. After all the shit I'm going through I deserve it.

Some people have suggested to me that I should get some exercise 'cause that would relieve stress. I do exercise - daily. I have to otherwise I would be as big as a manatee. Due to my lovely steroid medication (which does wonders for my asthma, but kills my metabolism) I have to exercise daily. Unfortunately, it's not working as a stress reliever. It's actually annoying because I spend the time thinking that I should be studying or sleeping. Seriously, I don't have time for a full night's sleep with all the work I'm doing and all my work out does is sleep dep me more. However, I do need to do it or I'll be probably about 100 lbs heavier by the end of the bar. Yup, that's how bad steroids effect my metabolism.

Anyway, today was pretty much like all the others with the exception of being on a new topic. We covered a semester's worth of Criminal Procedure in one day. Scary, isn't it?

Oh, as a cool side note - the video professor (Whitebread) who does the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure lectures is the same professor I had in my two undergraduate law classes while I was at USC. How cool is that?

Well, once again break time is over and I need to get back to work.


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