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So Boring (Battle Imp Included)
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Wow, today's class could not have been any more boring. The video professor was like something out of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Seriously, big time nerd and so boring. I was very disappointed because Constitutional Law was something I liked back in law school and this man makes it insufferable. Makes me all the more appreciative of the professor (McGoldrick) that I had for Con Law back in law school.

Carrie and I were so bored that we thought we might end up in a coma. We had to consume mass amounts of sugar just to stay awake. And my poor husband had to deal with our sugar induced madness. I e-mailed him about every five minutes with some wacky non-sensical thing and then Carrie and I called him on one of our breaks and started giggling into the phone. I think this is the point where I can officially say that bar review has taken any shreds of sanity that Carrie and I had left and tossed them out the window. Welcome to insanity.

I wish I could say that I'm glad I don't have to deal with this professor again, but I can't. Con Law is a two day seminar and we have Mr. Dull again tomorrow. Rob's going to be in a meeting all day tomorrow so I have a feeling his inbox will be-a-poppin' with odd e-mails. Anyone who wants to drop me an e-mail tomorrow during class, feel free. I'm gonna be bored and praying for death.

And now, for a battle imp:

Battle Imp

Who's your battle imp?
Backstabbing: 1
Dodgin': 6
Guts: 8
Magic Mojo: 4
Smackdown: 9

Will your battle imp beat Jen's?
Enter your name and fight.

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