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Boring, But Finished
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Today was more of the same boring video professor. But luckily we'll be seeing no more of him. The Constitutional Law seminar is over and done with. Tomorrow is another essay workshop.

Speaking of essays, I'm getting annoyed. People in our class have started getting their "graded" practice essays back in the mail and I haven't even gotten my first one back yet. Suck. I probably don't want to see how bad I did, but I need to know what I can do to improve my work and maybe have a chance of passing this damn bar.

Hey - none of you have tried to battle my damn imp. Go forth and battle. Hrm, maybe if I just have Rob put it on his journal it will get noticed. I don't know why, but whenever he puts up a quiz it's the topic of the day. Whenever most of the rest of us do, they're ignored (like my lonely battle imp). I think Rob just might have presence after all.

I'm spending tonight like I spend most other nights during this damn class. Doing practice tests. Luckily tomorrow night I'll have a nice break - Rob's running another D&D game. Yay! Now I just have to make sure to get all my homework done before the game so that I can get some sleep when people leave.


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! If I could have hand picked an answer, this would have been it. I was a wee bit obsessed with Spidey back when I was a kid (after my Underdog phase - don't ask).

You are Spider-Man!
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