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Friday night the D&D crew came over for Rob's game. I had a lot of fun (I think the others did as well) and needed a study break. I hope we can get one more game in sometime before the bar.

Yesterday I did my homework in the morning and in the early afternoon. During the evening once I had finished all my bar review work Rob and I headed out to Citywalk. We *finally* got to see Finding Nemo. That movie kicks some serious ass. I loved it! And I'm sooooooo glad that I was able to see it in the theatre. I love fishies. After the film we went to Shanghei and Mein for dinner and then looked around a bit at the shops. I picked up a gift for a friend (details to come later on, I don't want this person to know what he or she got yet) and Rob got me a cute little stuffed alien thing. Then we headed home, watched some TV, and passed out.

Today I'm doing bar review work and the laundry. I just finished up with the multiple choice questions and once I log off of here I'll be doing a Con Law essay. Blah. Then I also have to finish up my moral character application and have Rob mail it out certified mail for me tomorrow. Too much work, I need a day off.


I have no idea what this is. My only knowledge of OS systems are Mac ones and Windows ones. I didn't even know there was anything out there other than Mac OS and Windows. Go figure.

You are Red Hat Linux. You're tops among your peers, but still get no respect from them.  It's all right with you.  You have your sights set higher.
Which OS are You?

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