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Octopus! Woo!
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Foggy Headed

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Carrie kicks ass!!! When I came to class today she gave me the pink octopus Happy Meal toy from the fishie movie (Finding Nemo). It is so cute! And pink. I kept lighting it up in class when Carrie pointed out to me that it kind of looked like a sparkly pink booby with tentacles, eyes, and a red light inside of it. It kind of does, but it's my cute octopus-booby.

So, I was able to get my hands on four of those Happy Meal Nemo toys. I'm still missing Nemo, Dorry, Gil, and the kick ass shark. Hrm. Maybe I'll look around on e-bay for them if I don't get them before they run out. Yay! Fishies!

Today's class sucked. It was the first day of Contracts (Thursday and Friday will also be Contracts). I never understood it in law school and I'm still kind of lost. I'll see how bad off I am when I start doing the practice exams. However, the rest of today is very cool. No homework tonight. I think this is the ONLY night before the bar when I don't have homework. *does the nekkid happy dance of no homework* So, I'm watching TV and messing around online. It's so nice to have a night off. I think I'll go to bed a bit early tonight and catch up on some much needed sleep. I haven't gotten a lot of sleep these past few nights and it's making me feel like I'm walking around in some sort if haze.


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