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I'm A Naughty Monkey
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Okay, so I've been a bad girl this weekend and that's so gonna come back around and kick me in the ass. I decided not to go to the bar review classes which went over the MBE exam we took on Friday. I just couldn't do it. And last night I decided to go and see a movie. Rob and I headed over to Citywalk and saw 28 Days Later. It's not really a scary zombie film like the previews has said. It's not all that scary and isn't about zombies - more like people affected with a disease which makes them horribly violent. However, it was great. I was very surprised at the quality of the film and highly recommend it. I think people who don't generally like horror films might still like it because of its artistic value and the fact that it's not really scary at all.

Today is all about the work. I have two essays to do and then I need to grade my multiple choice questions if I have the time. I'm also doing laundry. Is it just me or is 10+ loads a week a little insane? Yeah, I thought so.

Okay, enough of my dicking around on here. I gotta go write a Civil Procedure essay and a Corporations essay. Blah.


Yup, that's me. Completely fucking insane.

You are Caligula. You are a psycho. For the love of
God, get some help!

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Read/Post Comments (2)

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