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All Hail The Mighty Sharkay!
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Yesterday's class ended up not being worth my time. There was no lecture. We were just supposed to simulate a performance exam (and not even turn it in) and then go over the answer in the book. I can do that at home so I said fuck it and left. Carrie was right there with me. To quote Meatwad from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force: "I've got a better idea - Hell No!" Seems a lot of other people (including Steve, one of the Bar/Bri student reps) had the same idea.

Carrie and I decided to get some breakfast since we were both hungry and had some time on our hands. We headed down the hill and into Malibu proper. We looked around down there and stopped in a pet store for a little while. Carrie fell head over heels for an adorable Abyssinian kitten and I picked up some toys for Sydney and Amber. Once we pried ourselves away from the cute kitties in the pet store we headed to the Marmalade Cafe for breakfast. That place has wonderful food, though I made the mistake of ordering something a little too rich for my body (eggs benedict) and ended up paying for it all throughout the rest of the day.

After breakfast we headed to the Bananna Republic which was in the same strip mall as the pet store and the restrurant. Carrie got some cute (though overpriced) clothes. She got a way cute skirt, pants, and two tops. They all looked great on her. After the clothing store we headed back up to campus. I hopped into my car and headed off and she nabbed my parking spot.

On the way home I toyed with the idea of hitting a mall and doing a little shopping for myself. I decided against going to the Northridge mall because I would be there all day. That place has a lot of cool stores (Lane Bryant, Torrid, Hot Topic, Payless, Game Keeper, etc.) and I didn't want to be there all day. I still had homework to get done. So, I decided to compromise. I headed to the mall over in Sherman Oaks and just went to Lane Bryant. I got to shop, but I was only there for about a half an hour. While there I got some cute summery clothes. I got a pair of cropped jeans that will look way cute with sandals, a red t-shirt, a gauzy Asian print shirt, a pair of pink lounge pants and a matching tank top, and some panties (my usual string bikini style). I spent less money that I thought it was going to be and so I was happy. After that I headed home.

I had fun yesterday morning, however, by the time I got home I was all hot and sweaty. It was fairly warm out when Carrie and I were walking around in Malibu and the mall in Sherman Oaks was barely air conditioned (my car was reading the temp there at around 102). So the minute I got home I striped down, threw every stitch of clothing that I was wearing into the laundry, and hopped into the shower. A shower can feel so unbelievably good when you need one. I savored the cold water for about a half an hour and then dried off. I decided to skip lunch because the pains of a too rich breakfast began hitting me shortly after I got home.

Once I was all nice and clean I sat down to watch Passions (a very guilty pleasure) and then got cracking on my homework. I outlined a Community Property essay and then had to write out another Community Property essay to turn in today. I was able to finish that up before Rob got home. When he brought the mail up I noticed that I had FINALLY received my Hellraiser 3 DVD in the mail. It was about fucking time - I ordered it over a month ago. We decided to get Jamba Juice for dinner (I still wasn't feeling up to eating solid food) and pop in the DVD. He had never seen Hellraiser 3 before and he seemed to enjoy it. After watching the movie we watched the local news.

One of the new stories caught my attention. Apparently a shark was seen off the coast of Pacific Palisades. A sharkay. Then I thought to myself that this could be a good sign. Pacific Palisades is near Malibu. I take my bar review class in Malibu. I went to law school in Malibu. Maybe this cute sharkay was making his way up to Malibu to tell Carrie and I that all would be well with the bar. Sharkay was a sign. A good sign for both Carrie and I. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY SHARKAY, BRINGER OF GOOD AND HAPPY BAR RESULTS. It's only a matter of time before the prophecy is fulfilled and Tur-Tel comes to the shores of Malibu as well. Mark my words, the tur-tels shall come. You all might think I'm insane (and I probably am), but Carrie understands what this all means. THE SHARKAY COMETH.

After watching the news Rob and I headed to bed. I didn't sleep to well last night. I kept waking up for various reasons, one of them being the fact that my loving hubby woke me up once because he thought I was having a nightmare. It's sweet of him to do that, unfortunately I had a hard time getting back to sleep after that. I don't know if I was having a nightmare or not. It's not often that I remember my dreams the day after.

Now, I'm here again. In class waiting for bar review to begin promptly at 9am. *sigh* It was nice to have some fun time yesterday. I needed it. I'm not looking forward to today's lecture though. Wills. Yuck.


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