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Just One Month
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One month until I head to Pasadena and take the bar. Just one month. And I'm so not even close to prepared for it. Fuck. I am so gonna fail this. In exactly four weeks it will be bar time. *gulp*

Yesterday I got to see an interesting sight on my commute home from my bar review class. I was heading home on my usual route along the 101 and there was a van flipped over onto its roof. Not an unusual sight on a Los Angeles freeway per se, but the thing wasn't mangled at all. The sided looked fine and the lumber which was stacked on top of the van was still there. It looked as if a giant had picked up the van and gently placed it back on its roof. No damage to the van - and yet the damn thing was upside down. Too strange.

When I got home yesterday it was homework time. I had to outline two essays and go over answers to some multiple choice questions. Luckily, I was able to get all of my homework over and done with by the time Rob got home from work. We didn't do much last night - we were both exhausted. We ordered in Chinese food for dinner, snuggled, and watched some random crappy shows on TV.

Today is more of the same. Bar review. It's our third workshop on the Performance Exam. I'm here hoping I can learn something, but that's doubtful. This class really isn't worth the 3k I shelled out for it. Total rip off. Rumor has it that we're not even getting a lecture today. Supposedly the videoprofessor just has us write another performance test. Fuck that. If that's what it is then I'll go home and work on it there. I was tempted not to come in today, but I don't want to base my study habits on a rumor. So, I'm here in the hopes that we're getting a lecture. We'll see.

I need to find the time to do some shopping. I NEED to shop. I need some summery clothes and maybe some cute shoes to match. I also need the stress relief of shopping. The only problem is time. *sigh* There need to be more days in the week. That way I could have a little bit of a life and more time to study for the bar. Just one month. Four weeks. I am so screwed.


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