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Tacky-Ass Bitch Monster
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Annoyed at the Bitch Monster and Kind of Tired

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So, today was Trusts. Not exciting and the video professor didn't help matters. He was boring. I learned nothing.

There's a tacky bitch monster in our bar review class who Carrie and I want to feed to the sharkays. Carrie and I were whispering in class (very quietly considering the clacking of the keys of all the computers in there, the other people just out and out talking, and the volume that was pumped up on the TV) when this bitch tells us to shut up. Okay, a bit of background on this cunt - she's a total pris. She dresses up every day for class and wears more make up than Tammy Fay Baker. She also is the snobby type who looks down on those who aren't like her. *sigh* She also has these fake nails, no TALONS which clack in an annoying way on her laptop. But have Carrie and I ever said anything about that to her? No. Why not? Because neither Carrie nor myself is a bitch monster cunt whore. So, as I was saying - Carrie and I were whispering in class and bitch monster starts clacking her talons on the table near Carrie (bitch monster sits in the row in front of us and a little to the right). The clacking of the talons gets Carrie's attention and she yells at Carrie for us whispering. Carrie wanted to jump over the desk and rip the bitch's "Lee Press On Talons" off of her. I told Carrie the next time bitch speaks to her just to smack her. It ought to shut her up.

After class I was talking to another friend from law school who is in the bar review class (Laine) and mentioned bitch monster. Well, neither Laine nor myself knows her name, but Laine knew EXACTLY who I was talking about. Scary, isn't it? Laine said she would love to see Carrie (or myself) smack that bitch. Wow. It seems no one likes her (except her creepy as fuck fiance). I wonder why. Could it be because she's cunt whore bitch monster with 5 inches of make up on her face? Hrm . . . could be!

I told Rob about the bitch monster and his comment was great. He reminded us that sharkays were in the area. Sharkays that like us. Friendly minion sharkays. And that sharkays like bitch monster sacrifices. I wish. Carrie mentioned that if she's ever at the beach with bitch monster she's throwing chum in the water. Can you tell how annoying this chick is? Aargh.

On a totally unrelated note part of the drive home today was CREEPY. I was in the Encino area on the 101 (stuck in traffic) and looked over at the other side of the freeway. It was completely empty. Not a single car coming or going. I wondered if it was shut down for something. After about 20 seconds, cars started coming. And about a mile down the road it was all jammed up. So weird. I don't think I'll ever see a sight (LA freeway totally empty) like that again!

Well, I'm now home from school and don't have much work to do at all. Yay! And tomorrow I have no bar review class. So, Carrie and Rob and Shannon and myself are going to have some fun and maybe get some tattoos. Then Saturday I have to be back in class all day long. We're taking another test. 3 hours and 3 essays in the morning and a 3 hour performance test in the afternoon. Ew. Oh well, at least I have tomorrow off!


So, Rob, tell me something - how ironic is this result?

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