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Inked (aka Perma-Fishay)
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Hey, check it out. My mood o meter says happy. That's right, happy. Today was way cool. Last night after I got home from bar review Rob and I decided to stay at home, order in Chinese, and watch our Legally Blonde DVD. We headed to bed pretty early because I could barely keep my eyes open most of the night.

Today we had plans with friends. At around 11am Shannon and Carrie came over to our apartment. Rob helped design tattoos for the two of them, we ordered pizza for lunch, and at about 1pm or so we headed out to the tattoo studio.

All of my other (three) tattoos I had done by an artist named Chester who used to work at the Sunset Strip Tattoo place. He no longer works there and Rob was able to track him down to a new place. His work is INCREDIBLE and so we decided to head over to the Sacred Saint Tattoo Studio to get Chester to ink us. He remembered me from my demon dog ankle tattoo. He also gave all of us a decent price on our tattoos 'cause I had gotten three from him and I had brought in other people to get inked by him (including my Mom). And I won't bring someone in to him if they don't tip well. This guy is probably one of the best tattoo artists out there (just ask Shannon, Carrie, or my Mom) and deserves a decent tip for his work.

Carrie got inked first. This was her first tattoo and she was scared to death so we made her go first because we know that if she didn't, she wouldn't have gotten it done. She psyched herself out pretty bad before getting it done and I think that might have been the worst part for her. She ended up getting a teeny black kitty paw print on the area of her tummy/hip right by her pubic hair area. When it was done it looked ADORABLE.

I went next. I got a little blue celtic fishie (fishay) on the inside of my left ankle. I had considerd getting it rainbow colored, but everyone I asked (from Carrie to Shannon to Rob to the artists and customers at the tattoo place) thought the rainbow colors made it a "gay fishay". And Shannon warned me that she would tease me for the rest of my life if I got the "homo fish". To be honest, I didn't care about the whole gay thing. I'm married and I could care less if someone thought I was gay. However, after comparing the rainbow one and the blue one I decided that the blue one really did look cooler than the rainbow one (besides, you never know when those rainbows will march on in, crawl up your leg, and bite the inside of your ass). So, I got the blue fishay done. It didn't hurt much at all during the inking, but walking with it (because of the movement of my ankle) does hurt like hell.

Shannon was up last (Rob didn't get a tattoo and that's cool 'cause it's really not his thing). She got a pair of handcuffs on the inside of her right ankle. I don't think anything (except perhaps a large dominatrix on her back) would be more perfect for her. The handcuffs look cool and the detail on them is incredible.

We were all very happy with our tattoos and after getting inked we headed over to the Media City Center mall in Burbank to see a movie. We saw Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde. Very cute and not a bad film, though the first one way way better. But it was definitely worth seeing. Especially considering two of us (Carrie and myself) were blonde law students. And Shannon was a law student as well, though her hair is jet black.

After the movie we headed into downtown Burbank and had dinner at Tony Roma's. Shannon was jonesing for barbecue food since this was the 4th of July and ribs sounded VERY tasty. We had dinner and then headed back to our apartment. Carrie took off pretty quickly because of needing to study and get up early for the faux exam tomorrow in bar review. Shannon stayed for a bit and the three of us (Rob, Shannon, and myself) just talked and hung out. She recently took off and I figured I might as well make an entry before heading off to bed.

And that was my day. A much needed stress free day off in the midst of my bar review hell.


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